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⚜Do not steal my OC's/reproduce any of them, impersonate/use them for RP-which is exceptionally repulsive that resemble assault. Utilize your own particular creativity and come up your OWN characters. I comprehend that you cherish workmanship and dream characters yet please I rehash kindly don't take my specialty. A criminal is a hoodlum whether he or she takes an auto or a penny. "It's simply the Internet" "I was inspired" "no one cares" "I'm sorry I didn't have a clue" "my companion did it for me" pardons don't take a shot at me I won't keep down to report you regardless of what the circumstances are.⚜

🔱 By any chance if anybody including I discover you utilizing Minx or any of my OC's replicating/ utilizing/ impersonating/ stealing/ re-coloring/ heavy-referencing I won't keep down to report you. It would be ideal if you to the individuals who know about my notice. If I don't answer please report that individual for robbery, copyright encroachment alongside his or her profile removed. In conclusion in the event that you see any imitated, outlined, re-colored, heavy-referenced designs/characters, plagiarized work of art advise me instantly and thank you for paying attention to this notice for the individuals who comprehends and regards craftsmen wishes. Also, this is for those copycats, recolors and fake sham characters.🔱

⚜ MinxTheCheetah 2016⚜

Side Note:

🔆 Pardon me but you're obviously mistaking me for someone who gives a fuck. If you don't care for the style of my characters drawn "well proportioned" please make a special effort to be a woman and a respectable man to overlook it. Don't take it personally just shut up. There's plenty more to say you're adolescent, narrow minded, extremely uncertain about yourself, you committed different errors other than jumping into affront me, my fine art, characters and style. I don't tolerate disrespectful people who is disrespectful to me but also many others as well. On the other hand you anticipate that me will approve of something that you aren't with. I'm not 'sexually active' for tits and tush I'm only sexually active for my cherished one FYI. If you're going to have the balls to insult me and tell lies. Have the balls to take responsibility for your actions especially when you get called out for an embarrassment. Be that as it may, hey Karma is not just a feisty little bitch so are you and hopefully she mashes you in the ass with a cactus. 🔆

⚜ MinxTheCheetah 2016 ⚜

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Profile picture done by KagesCupcake195

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Sonic Female Anthro Style Half-Body
If you want any OC of the sort to be anthro style as those examples.
Sonic Male/Female Partial Fullbody
Here's an example of what I mean by "Normal Sonic Form" as in huge head, big hands, big feet, and small body.
Sonic Male Anthro Style Half-Body
Any male OC's of the sort.
Examples: Bikini, Kitty lingerie, Bunny Costume etc.
Sonic Couples/ Pairings
Paring my characters with yours. And no Minx is off limits to those.
Outline and Colored
Outline is only 50pts
Colored is only 100pts 
If you have any anthro OC's I'm up for it.
Pets and Creatures
Example my fan character of Salt relating to bolt.
Examples: Master Chief, Sonic The Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Mario, Princess Luna etc.
MY Little Pony OC's
Any mlp character.



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Artist | Student | Other
United States

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⚜Team Retaliation⚜

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Information About Me/ What I like.

Hey guys my name's Minx aka Wave Da Swallow from G+. I'm just a low class artist who sketches on paper there's nothing special about me peeps. One day I'll be a professional artist I may start digital art soon but it'll take years of practice if you know what I mean.

Likes: ⚜ Sonic ⚜ Amazing art ⚜ Singing ⚜ Music ⚜ Gaming ⚜ Cheesecake and Poptarts ⚜ Roleplay

Dislikes: ⚜ Art thieves/ Re-colors ⚜ Ripoffs ⚜ Immaturity ⚜ Pedophiles ⚜ Anti-Sonic/Furry haters ⚜ Trolls

Gazelle - Icon by Simmeh What I only have: Google Plus+, DeviantArt, Skype, Furaffinity, Inkbunny and Kik. If you want to contact me on Skype or Kik you need to verify yourself for me to send you my username.

Gazelle - Icon by Simmeh What I don't have: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, VK, Flicker, Vine, Snapchat, Tumblr or Line. And if you see anyone pretending to be me on any other websites I don’t know of please block and report them along with their account removed.

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Gift: Minx the cheetah~ by 2uni7

This is the most loveliest artwork I have ever seen from such talented digital artist TwT I'm so happy all of the credit goes to :icon2uni7: for drawing Minx. She's going to be one of my #1 favorite artist. Check out her artwork and no stealing, recoloring, tracing, making a base out of, and claiming her artwork as yours you sneaky thieves.

[AT] .: Minx :. by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx[Gift] .: Sexy Minx :. by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx[Comm] .: Kiss :. by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx[Comm] .: Minx x Jet :. by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx[Gift] .: Chibi Minx~ :. by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx[RQ] . ~Let's play video games!~ . by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx[RQ / Gift] . ~In my arms~ . by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx[Gift] .~Cute candy!~ . by xX-Kitty-Star-Xx
(Yes I ship my OC Minx with Jet is that a crime? Everyone else ships their OC's with other characters as well.)

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{I'd like to thank you so much for kindness and I'm so happy that you're a Deviant Core but as you grow you'll learn more about art and meet other unknown artists out there waiting for you to greet them. You have an amazing talent as a digital artist and most shockingly surprising that I'm one of your inspirations. And I'm really happy that you love my art if you need anything don't be afraid to ask I'm always here to help and to give out amazing artistic ideas. Take care mah fav kawaii kitty}

[Icon CM] Minxthecheetah by xLittleTopHatx Credit to the lovely :iconxlittletophatx:
Credit to the amazing :iconbabsharx:

Art/Collab done by :iconminxthecheetah::iconxxcottoncandycloudxx:

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Well, well, well, Kyrrah the emo cunt is back to stealing again I see. Don't say you're not because you are, you've stolen MY damn ring designs from my OC Minx. It's looks too similar all you did was add the feather-tipped design attached to the ring but changed it green. I'm sick and tired of your bullshit butthole. Fuck off my damn deviantart page cunt I don't like you and I never will. And you said that you were "sorry" for recoloring my art but you're stealing designs from my characters how remarkable for a lying dweeb. I knew I couldn't trust you so here's my feedback to that little apology you made. 

"Weepy, weepy cry, cry, cry yea it was a beautiful sad moment of truth for Kyrrah to finally realize what she said and did was wrong. Lmao are you guys stupid? It doesn't take 3 months to realize your mistakes this came up too soon people you just don't pay attention. Who started this drama to begin with? Kyrrah did by recoloring Little TopHats art if you were there when it first began I surely was. Anyways why did I say it was a _hoax?_ Look at how much sympathy she's trying to put into it just trying to get me to forgive her ignorant ass so I can welcome her BACK with open arms. You guys really think I'm that stupid you know Kyrrah constantly lies right? Karla, Kumiko, Shark nerd, Viscerotonic and I was in a voice chat with Kyrrah about a week ago Kumiko asked simple questions and wanted Kyrrah to be honest. Guess what she took a mighty long ass time to respond to the damn questions because we know she's thinking up another lie to tell. She even lied about the accounts she's made c'mon people use your damn brain for once to think about this. Now where were we oh yes, when Kumiko asked Kyrrah to take down a couple of vids (the vids were just a cry for attention) she agreed to do so. We waited and guess what the vids were still there Kumiko told her about it Kyrrah made a response. Saying that she was busy and all I understand that but I know that was a lie because she wasn't busy when she uploaded those other vids yesterday. We all know that Kyrrah is too good for lying she didn't take down the vids she just made them private. And now you see why that apology was fake?"

Reasons Why:

1. Still immature.
2. She will NEVER change her ways.
3. Constantly lies.
4. Still lashes out on others.
5. Can and never will keep her word.
6. Makes fake apologies to get others off her back/ to be welcomed back with open arms so she can continue to steal, heavy-reference, recolor, plagiarize etc.
7. Tries to blame others for her damn problems.
8. Makes "fake" cuts for attention.
9. Has a small army of little 8 - 10 year old faggots.
10. Has a bunch of fake friends taking her for granted without even realizing. 
11. Makes more fake accounts to impersonate others for revenge, to spy, or to defend "herself". 

This is why I still don't trust her because that cunt is still on Deviantart stalking Kumiko, Karla, Little TopHat, Viscerotonic and I. Watch because if I make more journals about her she's going to get butthurt because I roasted the shit out of her like I always do. Besides she's still triggered because she was lashing out on Karla last night is that a sign of change in Kyrrah? No I didn't think so. "I'll change guys I promise." We all know that's a lie because she goes back to her old ways like the ones that are listed above. Lastly not to mention that she stolen my ring design from my OC Minx.

  • Listening to: Alive - Sia
  • Eating: Cookies

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No, I don't like it.
I LOVE IT!! Why make this for me? I can tell that was hell for you but it's amazing! Thank you so much.
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Not really hell, I just feel bad that I couldn't really make her look perfect x.x

And why? I like spriting every so often. I can really only do Sonic-style edits. Besides your character is pretty and she looked like she would be fun to try. Plus, whether you see me as a friend or not, I see you as one, and you've been kind to me when we talk. Consider it a thank you, just for being here :3
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